Florence and the Machine Release Final Fantasy XV Mini Album

Final Fantasy XV

Won’t you stand by me?

Today we have been blessed. Truly blessed by a wonderful collaboration between one of the UK’s finest musicians and the team behind the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy XV.

Music has always been an important partition of every Final Fantasy game, going on to inspire live orchestral tours containing the best pieces from the many titles in the series. Of course the latest is no different, and you can even hear the orchestral inspiration in the three Florence and the Machine songs.

The Mini-album is simply titled ‘Songs from Final Fantasy XV’, and contains three songs that wouldn’t sound out of place in Eos.

  • Stand By Me
  • Too Much Is Never Enough
  • I Will Be

The Mini-album contains the amazing cover of Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me’ which was first heard in the E3 trailer. The album art is also shaped with an X and a V in relation to the games title.

You can grab the album on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify

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