Fallout 4’s Final DLC, Nuka-World, Receives Release Date and Official Trailer

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Book your trip to Nuka-World!

Fallout 4’s final DLC expansion, Nuka-World, has been given a cool new gameplay trailer along with a release date.

The trailer shows off Nuka-World, a theme park dedicated to the game’s fictional soft drink Nuka-Cola. A catchy theme tune plays as you get to see the “delights” that Nuka-World has to offer. From theme park rides in desperate need of inspection to new enemies, will you survive your trip?

The DLC will add new weapons, quests, characters, and items. Players will also gain the ability to lead gangs of raiders and the park will be made up of several areas to explore including Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone.

Due to be released on August 30, the DLC will take up 3.66GB of your memory and is therefore larger than the previous DLC Far Harbor. This last hurrah for Fallout 4 gives fans the opportunity to return to the Wastelands for one more adventure. Just don’t forget to take Dogmeat with you!

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