Destiny’s Xur Shows Up in World of Warcraft: Legion as a Cool Easter Egg

Destiny 2, Xur

Bring your Strange Coins.

Destiny players know him as Xur, and now World of Warcraft players will know him as Xur’ios. As a nod to Bungie’s popular first-person shared world shooter, Blizzard Entertainment has included a new traveling vendor in the latest expansion to World of Warcraft.

Thanks to the good folks over at the Destiny subreddit, we now have access to a list of compiled items that Xur’ios sells in Legion. Some of the more notable wares include Krota’s Shield, Ingram’s Puzzle, Gjallar’s Horn, and even Motes of Light apparently. As Destiny players would know, the Gjallarhorn was a popular rocket launcher that was highly sought after in year one. In Legion, Gjallar’s Horn will allow you to fire off a rocket that deals fire damage to enemies too. And of course, Krota’s Shield is a nice reference to the raid boss of Destiny’s second expansion, The Dark Below.

You can also check out Xur’ios in action in the video down below.

Xur’ios also happens to look like a shifty, hooded merchant – much like the original dude in Bungie’s game. Oh, and he also accepts a currency called Curious Coins.

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