Battlefield 1 Takes the Classic Series Theme and Brings it Back to More Serious Roots

The iconic Battlefield theme music will be back in the newest Battlefield game, and this time it’s decidedly lighter on the dubstep. The theme was spotted by YouTube user PoeticWhisper (via DualShockers), and is accessible in the newly revamped multiplayer UI for Battlefield 4. PoeticWhisper managed to find this one by navigating to the Battlefield 1 section while using the UI on an Xbox One.

This edition of the theme is orchestral and creates a grandiose, cinematic atmosphere suitable for a game set in the Great War. For contrast, listen to the more modern-sounding version found in Battlefield 4 here.

Battlefield 1 will be launching on Oct. 21 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There will be Premium Pass available as well, the contents of which were revealed recently. If you can’t wait to get your hands on it, there will also be a beta for the game. The beta will be open to all, and will start on Aug. 31st.


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