Battlefield 1’s Beta Starts Soon, But Even DICE Doesn’t Know When it Will End

While many players are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to try out the Battlefield 1 beta in less than a weeks time, just how long it’ll go on for is yet to be seen, and DICE doesn’t seem to know either.

When asked about how long the beta for Battlefield 1 will last for on Twitter, the official Battlefield account replied with the following:

Of course, while we’re sure that DICE really does know when its own beta will come to a close, it just seems they don’t want to give that information just yet.

While Battlefield 1’s beta will be open, meaning you don’t need to have signed up to anything in order to play, there was a way to get playing a little sooner than the official start date. In order to gain early access, you needed to have signed up to the free Battlefield Insider service before August 21.

No further information has been given as to when Insider members will receive their beta codes for whatever platform they chose, but we imagine it won’t be too much longer with the beta due to go live for all players next Wednesday. That doesn’t leave much time for these Insiders to get a start, so keep checking your inbox.

Battlefield 1 comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21.

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