You Can Download Elite Dangerous: Arena For Free This Weekend

Space, man.

In addition to their first-person space sim Elite Dangerous, Frontier Developments also released the multiplayer game Arena earlier this year back in February. This weekend, Frontier has decided to go and make their PvP space title free on the PC. The standalone game puts four players in spaceships for first person dogfights across different arenas, hence the name. You may be thinking that you’ll just have it until the trial runs out, right? That’s where you’re wrong, because one you download the game, you’ll get to keep it, all for the glorious price of free.

The offer runs from basically now until Monday, July 11 at 10 AM Pacific. After that, it’ll be back to paying for it with your hardearned cash. You can get it through Steam right here, or the Frontier Store over here. If you’ve played the game, tell us what you’ve thought of it in the comments below.

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