Unlocking Hearthstone’s New Shaman Hero Requires You to Recruit a Friend

Hearthstone’s latest update added a new Shaman hero (who’s also a Murloc, by the way) to the game. However, unlike most of the game’s past heroes, you can’t simply buy Morgi the Oracle, or grind through battles to earn him by your own merit. Instead, you have to recruit friends to play Hearthstone in order to get him.

After inviting a friend to the game, that player has to reach 20 levels for one class. Doing so will unlock Morgi for you. Here are the details, straight from Blizzard:

Recruit A Friend is here!

  • Invite friends to play Hearthstone and gain cool rewards!
    • Pick up the new Shaman hero, Morgl The Oracle, when your first recruit achieves 20 combined levels across all classes.
    • Earn free Classic card packs for up to four more recruits!
    • ALL your recruits can earn a free Classic pack!

Well, at least the Classic card packs are kind of a good incentive to keep inviting friends. It might be an arduous task, but that Murloc hero has to be worth the effort, right?

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