The Fey Is the Next Paragon Character to Enter the Fray, Is Not Tina Though

The Fey

The power of Nature is coming to Paragon.

Earlier today on the PlayStation Blog, the Creative Director of Epic Games, Steve Superville, revealed the next hero coming to the upcoming MOBA title Paragon. You can check out the official trailer for The Fey below.

The Fey will be added to Paragon on Aug 2 and is a support caster, who uses the power of nature for crowd control and in-lane harassment. The Fey’s four abilities are Untamed Growth, Bramble Patch, Harvest Nettles, and her Ultimate Fly Trap.

Untamed Growth sees The Fey throwing out an explosive plant to deal AOE damage over time, while Bramble Patch sees her throwing out a line of bramble that can slow down multiple enemies at the same time. Harvest Nettles meanwhile allows her to regain Mana every time she hits an enemy and her Ultimate Fly Trap sees her summon a gigantic plant to drag The Fey and deal serious damage.

Like every hero, players will be able to play The Fey for free when she’s released next Tuesday. While the Paragon free open beta isn’t due to be released till Aug. 16, gamers interested in entering early can buy the Starter pack on the PSN store for $19.99. The Starter Pack is also free to all PS Plus subscribers for the rest of July.

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