Terraria Xbox One Update Breaks Game’s Multiplayer


“We are sorry to confirm that a serious issue exists.”

Terraria received a new update yesterday to Xbox One editions and it seems a fault in the update has caused serious issues with the game’s multiplayer.

The game’s publisher, 505 Games, has taken to Twitter to alert players that the game’s multiplayer is currently down and that players should “avoid trying to use” it.

“We are sorry to confirm that a serious issue exists in the Xbox One Terraria update that was published 6th July 2016, version KTCP-20160531. Online multiplayer is broken, and players should avoid trying to use that game mode for now.” Reads the Tweet

“Single player and local multiplayer are not affected, and can be safely used.”

505 Games has assured players that they are working on a fix and will let us know when the game is once again stable. Patches are designed to help improve a game, but it’s not unheard of for an update to cause problems. It’s good to see the devs are on the case and have been so quick to alert players to the problems.

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