Sony Trademarks Death Stranding in the US, Registered for Beer and Jewelry

death stranding

Anyone fancy a beer?

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game featuring Norman Reedus, Death Stranding, was trademarked in the US by Sony last week.

Trademarking the game does not mean that Sony has any exclusivity rights over Death Stranding, Xbox fans will be pleased to here. Though that doesn’t mean that this hasn’t been taken care of in other contracts signed between Kojima Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

What is most interesting about the trademark, however, is the number of different classes that it has been registered under. Drinks (including beer and whey beverages), clothing, traveling bags, and jewelry are just a few of the other items included. Though we are a bit cautious about trying some beer based on that eery trailer!

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time that the game has been trademarked by Sony. Just before E3 in June where Kojima showed up on stage to show us the very first look at the game, Sony registered the trademark in Europe, too.

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