Pokemon’s Live Action Film Franchise Kicks Off with Detective Pikachu

detective pikachu devito

It’s happening!

Rumors about the Pokemon series getting a live action film franchise have been swirling around for a while. But today, Legendary Pictures (best known for being behind the recent Warcraft movie and Pacific Rim) have announced that the rumors are true: they’ve won the film rights to Nintendo’s pocket monsters, and they’re for sure gonna be coming to the big screen. The first movie in the series is said to focus on Detective Pikachu which is, you guessed it, just the adorable yellow rodent with a detective cap on its head.

As Variety reports, the movie is fast tracked for a production to start sometime next year. Universal will be distributing the film outside of Japan, while Toho, longtime collaborator with the Pokemon Company, will distribute it in Japan.  Those are the only details revealed thus far. Exactly what you do with a film with that character is up in the air, but it’s probably gonna be something kinda cool.

Excited for a live action Pokemon film? Is Detective Pikachu what you expected? Let us know in the comments below.

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