Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Latest Pokemon is the Biggest Pikachu Fan Ever

CoroCoro has revealed the designs of two new Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon via Serebii. As you can see, one of them is a creepy looking bear, and the other is a weird Pikachu-looking thing that’s been flattened. If you’re feeling a little confused right now, here are some descriptions to explain exactly what they are.

new pokemon sun copy

The bear is called Kiteruguma, and it’s a Normal-Fighting type Pokemon with abilities like Fluffy and Klutz. This Pokemon’s got quite a bit of strength, and people fear it quite a bit. The paper Pikachu thing is called Mimicyu, and it’s a Ghost-Fairy type. According to Seribii, Mimicyu covers its body with a piece of cloth to protect itself from the sun. Its costume is also based on Pikachu merch that was popular almost two decades ago, and it just wants to be loved the same way Pikachu is loved by everyone.

That’s… actually kind of sad.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be made available for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18 in North America.

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