Pokemon GO’s Team Valor Gets a Shoutout in This Amazing MMA Fight

Anyone who’s played or seen anything about Pokemon GO knows of the rivalry between the red teamed Valor and the blue teamed Mystic. The beef between these two is incredibly real, as we’ve shown in the past, and now it’s been taken to a whole new level with this MMA fight. The match between Michael Page and Evangelista Santos doesn’t premiere until later tonight, but that hasn’t stopped Bellator from posting a glorious moment. If you don’t wanna be spoiled for the fight, turn away…now.

Okay, so for those who stuck around, yes, what you just saw is true: Page knocked Santos the fuck out, then pulled out a Pokeball and rolled it towards him before putting on a Pokemon trainer cap and striking a pose. If the color of his shorts and gloves are anything to go by, the dude is definitely a Team Valor man. The memes that spawn from this are going to be amazing.

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