Pokemon GO: What the Sparkling Poke Balls Mean and Why They’re Missing

Sparkling Poke Balls in Pokemon GO are usually a good thing, indicating a special curveball throw that will net you extra XP on catch. Some people have noticed, though, Poke Balls curving on their own, sparkling way off course from their throw.

Difficult to catch Pokemon, like those with orange or red catch rings, will sometimes curve Poke Balls for you, causing you to miss your throw. The best way to counteract this is to throw a deliberate curveball, which won’t have its trajectory affected. Throwing a curveball isn’t all too difficult. The easiest method is to hold down on the ball, spin it in circles until it sparkles, then release it off-center to hit your target. If you catch the Pokemon with your curveball, you’ll get a bonus 10 XP.

Now, if your Poke Ball is missing and not covered in sparkles, we’re sad to say that’s totally on you.

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