See How Popular Pokemon GO is on Twitter With This Interactive Graph

Pokemon Go, Twitter

Because your life needs another statistic about Pokemon GO mayhem.

If you would be so kind as to look away from your phones for one moment, you might be (un)surprised to know that, in the past week alone, Pokemon GO has been tweeted about nearly 5 million times already on Twitter.

Twitter announced the statistic today, revealing that 4.7 million tweets about Pokemon GO (and counting) have made their way onto the social media site since July 5th.

In fact, you can see exactly how much the mobile game has been trending with this cool Twitter Reverb graph, which allows you to discover how many Pokemon GO tweets were being made per minute at any given time.

The peak so far has been 1400 a minute, which occurred yesterday afternoon, but that’s likely to be beaten in the near future, considering just how incredibly popular this game is becoming.

The graph also lets you check out some of the most talked about Pokemon GO tweets so far, one of which is, of course, the news that police stations have had to warning people about entering their buildings to connect to the PokeStop.


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