Pokemon GO Player Crashes into Police Car While Playing Behind the Wheel

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Don’t hunt and drive.

In the two weeks since Pokemon GO launched in the US, the number of app-related incidents and accidents have been pretty shocking. This car crash is just the latest in a rather lengthy string of unfortunate incidents that occurred because people have been too distracted by the Pokemon GO app to stay aware of their surroundings.

Yesterday, during the early hours of the morning, a driver in a Rav4 was distracted by the Pokemon GO app, and ended up crashing into a police patrol car in Baltimore. Fortunately, the police officer was not in his car when the crash occurred, and the driver didn’t seem to be hurt as well. The driver stepped out of his vehicle and showed his phone to the police officers, revealing that he had been distracted by the app while behind the wheel.

Since the app’s launch, there have been reports of players walking off cliffs, getting caught up in armed robberies, and getting shot at after being mistaken for burglars.

Thankfully, no one got hurt in this incident. But still, safety first, trainers. Don’t catch Pokemon while driving.

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