Pokemon GO Locations Guide: Rare Pokemon, Different Types, and More

General Tips

There’s not a lot of hard rules in Pokemon GO, but if you’re especially looking for the rarest and strongest Pokemon, check out some of the guides below.

Type Locations

Most of Pokemon GO’s medals are for catching Pokemon of different types, which means you’ll have to search far and wide. Check out the guides below to read up on where you can expect to find Pokemon of different types:

Specific Pokemon Locations

Need help finding one special Pokemon? Here’s a list of the rarer finds we’ve come across, along with where we found them:

Potential Pokemon Locations

Some Pokemon don’t seem to be in Pokemon GO yet, like the elusive legendary birds and Mewtwo, but a trainer can still dream. Here’s some exotic locations we could see housing Pokemon GO’s more unique finds.


Nobody knows what’s up with Ditto. Likely another Pokemon being saved for a special event, but we like to think that when it does appear, it’ll go something like this:

ditto voltorb pokemon


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