Party Hard in Hearthstone’s New ‘One Night in Karazhan’ Adventure Trailer

Very groovy.

Blizzard Entertainment has officially revealed One Night in Karazhan as the latest adventure to come to Hearthstone. And here’s a funky new cinematic trailer introducing you to the adventure. You can check out the trailer down below. It’s pretty groovy.

‘You’re invited to attend the party of the millennium! As Medivh’s guest you’ll experience everything his delightful domicile has to offer, rub shoulders with Azeroth’s most fascinating beings, and dance the night away in Hearthstone’s next Adventure: One Night in Karazhan!’

Another cool thing to note about One Night in Karazhan is that players can actually purchase the adventure in wings, which will cost $6.99 or 700 in-game gold each. The wings will be released one by one every Thursday until the end of the adventure. Buying the full adventure in one go will cost you $19.99, and it comes packed with 45 new cards. The adventure will be arriving to Hearthstone starting on August 11, which is a Thursday.

Here’s hoping that the game boards will start playing funky disco music too.

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