Overwatch’s Latest Trailer Hides a Clue that Points Towards New Character Sombra

Before the reveal of Ana Amari, Overwatch fans have been speculation that Sombra would probably be the first character to be added to the game’s roster. Fans were wrong, but it looks like Blizzard hid a code in the trailer that suggests we’ll be seeing her pretty soon.

Here are two screenshots of some mysterious codes that show up during the trailer:

overwatch code 1 overwatch code 2

Over at the Overwatch subreddit, fans have used the XOR cipher and found a hidden message that, when translated to English, reads: “She who has the information, has the power.”

That’s not the interesting part.

Fans also found an anomaly in the code, where certain numbers didn’t quite fit in with the message. After locating those anomalies and deciphering them, they spelled out the word: SOMBRA. Well, I guess we know who’s going to be the 23rd character to be added to the game’s roster.

Overwatch’s competitive ranked mode is now live, and Blizzard recently made changes to the game, giving necessary buffs to characters like D.Va and Zenyatta. The game is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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