Overwatch Players Demonstrate Exploit That Can Kick Someone From a Match

The Overwatch community has been rebounding from last week’s patch that re-balanced several characters, as well as added the game’s first new hero, support sniper mom Ana. But a few experimental players have discovered an exploit with the game’s new character that can cause an enemy to be kicked helplessly from the match.

First discovered on the Overwatch Reddit, players found out that if three Anas gather around an enemy and use their sleep darts in succession after cooldown, they create a “perma-sleep” state that the enemy cannot get out of. And since player input while asleep apparently doesn’t register while asleep, the game believes that the enemy is sitting idle and kicks them from the match.

This exploit is possible in Quick Play and custom game modes, but Competitive Play is saved by its newly-established “one hero per team” rule. The cooldown on her dart means that one Ana would not be enough to keep an enemy locked in sleep.

Since its release in May, Blizzard has been relatively quick to right clear mistakes such as this, so we can hopefully expect a hot-fix patch in the near future.


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