SEGA Says There Are Currently No Plans for Sonic Adventure 3

Sonic Adventure 3

You’re breaking my heart, SEGA.

During the SEGA’s 25th anniversary celebration for Sonic the Hedgehog they hosted a Q&A session with several members of Sonic Team. The man behind Sonic’s hilarious Twitter account, Aaron Webber, asked the panel several questions, ending the session strong with a question on many Sonic fans’ minds: When will we see Sonic Adventure 3?

The heartbreaking answer was that while there are currently no plans to make Sonic Adventure 3, they would like to have the chance to make it in the future if they are able.

While the news that we won’t be seeing Sonic Adventure 3 any time soon is indeed disappointing, SEGA still gets points for their first major announcement of the evening in the upcoming 2D Sonic game, Sonic Mania, launching in 2017.

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