No Man’s Sky Copies Out Early, Creator: “Please Don’t Spoil it For Yourself”

Spoiler alert!

No Man’s Sky releases in a little under two weeks, but for some people, that’s still too long of a wait. Early copies of the game are supposedly out early, according to the folks at Reddit, and people are releasing footage. You may be urged to check out footage of the game and see if it’s worth the $60 price point, but Hello Games’ Sean Murray begs you to hold off.

The folks at Hello Games have been working on the title for years, and not even their building flooding could bring them down. Murray’s proud of his work and understands that people are anxious, but his advice to them is to just find their chill.

No Man’s Sky arrives to the PS4 officially on August 9, with a PC release a little later on. If you’re not big on spoilers, do literally everything you can to blacklist it from your social media until you get it for yourself.

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