NASA Says You Can’t Play Pokemon GO in Space, Because They Like to Crush Dreams


You can play Pokemon GO pretty much anywhere in the world (even places you probably shouldn’t), but there’s one elusive area that we’ve all dreamed of going to. That’s right: space…the final frontier. Even though it’s unlikely that anyone could hijack a rocket and catch ’em all in the stars above, that didn’t stop NASA from destroying our hopes even further. The Verge contacted NASA asking if it was possible for astronauts stationed up there to get in on the fun, and this was their answer:

“Unfortunately, it is not possible for the astronauts to play. While there is a small number of smartphones available on the space station, the crew uses them for science activities, but not for personal use. The smartphones and other mobile devices on station (tablets) also do not have internet connectivity.”

Sure, it was obvious, given that the folks on the ISS have important things they need to do, but dare to dream, right? You just know that one of them would search for Deoxys if they had internet connections on their phones. Sadly, while the folks up above aren’t able to play Pokemon GO, the hard workers on the ground are, and they’ve been taking pictures!

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