Riot Announces New League of Legends Champion, Kled, with a Trailer

Killin’ trespassers.

During the start of the week eight League of Legends championship in the EU, Riot revealed a new champion for their popular MOBA. They’ve been teasing him for some time now, but the curtain has finally been pulled back. Everyone, say hello to Kled.

As far as his backstory and lore goes, there’s no information that’s been revealed about him. The only thing confirmed is that he’s a weird little cat thing called a Noxian pirate yordle who rides a little lizard to get by. Going off his trailer, he’s not as easy to take out as his size would suggest, especially considering his ax and pistol.

Currently, it hasn’t been revealed when Kled is going to join the League of Legends roster, but it’s likely that he’ll be up in the public beta server within the next couple of days. Until then, how do you feel about him? Let us know in the comments below.

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