Killer Instinct Survey Asks Fans if They Want Crackdown, Halo, and Perfect Dark Guest Fighters

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New challengers!

The third season of Killer Instinct has already gained impressive guest fighters in the form of the Arbiter from Halo, Battletoads’ Rash, and General Raam from Gears of War. It doesn’t sound like the guest stars are going to stop there, as a survey (which you can gladly take here, if you like) indicates that more guest fighters are on the way, possibly in the remainder of the third season, or for the inevitable season four.

A survey asking about the future of the series has a question where test takers can rank what characters they want to join the game in the future by priority. In addition to Perfect Dark’s Joanna and a random Crackdown Agent, there’s also a Brute from Halo, KI boss Eyedol, and five other vague descriptions: “Eagle”, “Lovecraftian”, “Magic Archer”, “Wendigo”, and “Djinn”.

What guest characters would you like to join the Killer Instinct lineup first? Let us know in the comments below.

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