Killer Instinct’s Season Three Final DLC Fighter Revealed to Be Eyedol

Killer Instinct, Eyedol

Because two halves of a head is easily better than a full one.

Killer Instinct’s season 3 is coming to a close, but there is still one final DLC character to be added to the roster. A new trailer was recently released just before the Killer Instinct grand finals at EVO 2016, revealing Eyedol to be the eighth and final character for the current season. You can check out the modern incarnation of the veteran character in the announcement trailer below.

Eyedol was the final boss for the original Killer Instinct back in 1994, however his new look is quite different from his old. Now sporting a single head split into two, by his longtime rival Gargos, Eyedol is re-entering the fray with powerful physical strength and a slew of magical attacks at his disposal. The two-headed demon lord will be available July 22 for Ultra Edition owners and exactly one week later for those with the Combo Breaker edition.

Killer Instinct is developed by Iron Galaxy Studios for Xbox One and Windows 10. A Definitive Edition for the game was recently announced which will include all of the current DLC to date and will release later this year on September 20.



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