If Replacing All Dark Souls III Textures with Crabs Isn’t Too Far, What Is?

Every now and then, the internet just jumps out and really surprises you. I never thought that the terrifying, surreal world of Dark Souls III could be made even more spine-chilling, but damn is this guy up to the challenge. YouTuber Limit Breakers has really pushed the boat out for psychological horror by choosing to replace every single texture in the game with uh… crabs. Yeah, you heard me right.

I don’t think we’ll ever truly understand what compelled him to do such a thing, but I’m glad that from all the possible thoughts one can have in their head , this was one of them. It really keeps my faith in humanity alive to think that someone would go to this length to give something utterly hilarious back to the internet.

The video is of course accompanied by many Spongebob Squarepants callbacks, and a host of nautical video game themes for you to enjoy as you observe this crabby phenomenon. Tissues at the ready, because if the crustacean over-exposure doesn’t get you, the hidden beauty of it all will.

Thanks, GameSpot

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