Here’s Another Trailer for the ‘Highly Anticipated’ Metal Gear Solid 3 Pachinko Game

As we all know, Konami is releasing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater as a pachinko game in Japan. Because y’know, what better way to celebrate the legacy of the MGS series than with a coin slot machine, right? Anyway, this new trailer gives us a good, long look at how the game works, and just how gorgeous and stunning the graphics are. Seriously, the pachinko game looks like MGS3 remade entirely in the FOX engine, and it looks beautiful.

We also get a look at how the game is going to work. Apparently, the machine will feature a screen showing off mini sprite versions of Snake as he moves in the game. There will also be bonuses, along with what I’m assuming are bonus cutscenes for getting a good roll in the game.

The MGS3 pachinko game will also be presented in full HD, with a nice 32-inch screen. Say what you will about Konami, you can’t deny this game looks awesome, even if it is just a mere pachislot release.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will be released on pachinko/pachislot machines this October in Japan.

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