Double Fine’s Disembodied Head Side-Scroller, Headlander, Gets a Release Date

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A head on a mission.

Double Fine Productions, the team behind Psychonauts, Brutal legend, Grim Fandango and more have announced the release date for its upcoming game, Headlander.

The game, which is pretty darn weird and sees players in control of a flying head  which, when attached to other bodies can control them, is due to release on July 26.


You can check out Headlander’s story trailer below.

Adopting a unique visual style, Headlander is set in a time where humanity lives in perfect robotic bodies, immortal and free from worry and disease. However, deep down, the entire human race is enslaved by a psychotic AI.

That’s where you come in, as a disembodied head tasked with defeating said AI, you’ll dock onto all manner of different bodies to help you get around, and use a range of different abilities to blast your way to victory. Oh, and you can expect plenty of that off-the-wall humor that you’d expect from a Double Fine game, too.

Headlander will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC when it releases later this month.


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