Finally, We Now Know How Overwatch’s Characters Eat Their Lunch

Overwatch Collectible Metal Art Plate

Apparently they all really enjoy salad.

It has already been over a month since Overwatch released to great aplomb, but one of the game’s biggest questions has still yet to be addressed by Blizzard.

How does someone like Zenyatta, a floating robot spiritualist, or Torbjörn, a dwarf mechanic with a glorified spanner for an arm, eat their food?

Luckily, YouTuber D Piddy has given us an answer in the form of a hilarious video, which you can check out below.

This is, of course, a satirical take on the original video How Animals Eat Their Food, but D Piddy has also tackled the question of how Marvel heroes eat their food too.

Now that Ana has finally been revealed as the latest character in Overwatch, and is already available on the PC as of today, it looks like D Piddy will have plenty more material to work with in the the future regarding Overwatch heroes and their means of digestion.

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