Final Fantasy XV’s Finished Box Art Has Bros, Blades, and Blue Sky Dudes

Final Fantasy XV

The three B’s.

Final Fantasy XV is about two and a half months away, and we’ve seen just about everything the game has to offer. From the combat to the car-jet to VR to the expanded universe, it’s hard to think of something of importance that hasn’t been revealed for the game except for the completed North American box art. An in-progress version was revealed earlier this year, but now, the full version has been unveiled earlier today.

The box art shows off pretty much all the important parts of the game. We’ve got the four characters–Noctics, Prompto, Ignus, and Gladiolus–plus their wicked car-jet, the Regalia. We’ve got a look at each of their weapons and the vast landscape they’ll be exploring. Finally, we’ve got three seriously evil looking dudes in the sky, and it’s doubtful that taking them down is going to be easy. Can’t wait.

Final Fantasy XV comes to the PS4 and Xbox One on September 30.

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