Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Feature New Characters, Shops, and Link Attacks

Dialogue options!

Square Enix has released a slew of brand new Final Fantasy XV screenshots, detailing some of the mechanics of the game. First, we get to see Ravus and Iris. Ravus is Luna’s older brother, while Iris is the sister of Gladiolus. The screenshots also reveal that players will be given dialogue options during certain conversations and interactions with NPCs around the world. We also get a glimpse of the shops we can check out in the game.

More interestingly, these screenshots also show off some of the Link Attacks Noctis can perform with his comrades. For instance, Prompto can fire off a bullet that attracts the attention of the enemies, while Ignis can mark enemies by throwing his daggers at them, indicating the targets that Noctis should attack next. You can check out the screenshots in the gallery below.

Final Fantasy XV will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on September 30 in North America. You can preorder the game on the Square Enix online store for a chance to win lucky draw prizes from the Carbuncle Surprise.

Thanks, Gematsu.

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