Fantasy Life 2 Getting a Closed Beta on Smartphones this Week

The full release is coming soon.

At Level-5’s Vision 2016 livestream today, it was announced that Fantasy Life 2 will be getting a closed beta on iOS and Android devices this week. More specifically, the closed beta will start on July 29 in Japan. While the company declined to discuss any details about when the full game will be released, they did promise that the launch of the final product will be coming shortly as well.

Of course, this announcement is for Japan only at the moment. There is no word on whether English-speaking territories will get to check out Fantasy Life 2 on smartphones too. However, considering that Fantasy Life did eventually make its way to North America and Europe on the Nintendo 3DS, it is likely that we might see an English release of the sequel sooner or later as well.

Fantasy Life 2 will be available exclusively on iOS and Android devices – a clear signal of Level-5 shifting its focus to the smartphone and mobile devices market. We’ll keep you updated as more information about the game comes our way.

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