Evolve’s Countdown Timer Suggests it Might Be Getting New Content

F2P maybe? Or more DLC?

It looks like Evolve might not be completely dead after all. Over at the game’s official website, Turtle Rock has started a countdown timer that expires in a little over a day. We have no idea what the developers could be teasing, though it would be interesting to see if this game gets any additional support or new content from Turtle Rock. It’s also highly possible that they could be making the game free to play.

Evolve had a pretty cool concept, and its matches involved four players teaming up with different roles as they tried to take down a giant monster controlled by another player. However, as fun as the gameplay was, additional characters were locked behind hours of playtime, and players had to spend a large amount of money on additional DLC packs if they wanted to get more out of the game. Evolve’s vanilla content certainly wasn’t enough to keep players around for a long time.

We’ll find out what Turtle Rock’s new announcement is in a couple of days, and we’ll keep you updated as more information comes our way.

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