Clementine is Back with a New Friend in The Walking Dead: Season 3 Poster

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Zombies with friends.

You’ve been waiting for more of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and while the studio isn’t ready to reveal everything, they did have some stuff today at San Diego Comic-Con. Clementine, the protagonist from the first two seasons, is back, and she’s not alone. She’s got a new pal named Javier that’ll be killing zombies alongside her, and they share a poster together. Check it out below.

Players will take control of them both during the season, and Javier’s role is meant to bring a new perspective to the returning characters. Thus far, the only confirmed character (aside from Clem, of course) is season two’s AJ, the baby born during the tail end of the last year’s events. Through Javier, you’ll also get a look at Clementine’s backstory if you’re a new players, while veterans with their save files intact will have scenes that pay off things set up in previous seasons.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season 3 comes to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox this fall. Ready to make some more decisions that’ll probably end badly for you?

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