Check Out Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’s New Speed-Up Mode in 15 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Gotta go fast!

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age was playable at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and attendees got to venture through the Lhusu Mines to see what new improvements have been made to this HD remaster. You can check out the gameplay footage in the video down below.

We also got to check out the Lhusu Mines in the demo build provided at E3 last month so this isn’t really anything new, but here you get to see the game’s new speed-up mode in action. By tapping a button, you can double the game’s speed so that your party can move through the dungeons twice as quickly, and finish up simple battles speedily as well. Considering how large the areas are in this game, the speed-up mode is invaluable in saving time and crossing large distances very quickly.

You can also see how the game looks in HD. The character models are a lot less muddy than their PS3 counterparts, and everything looks sharp.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is set to be released on the PS4 some time in 2017.

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