Zero Time Dilemma Intro Trailer Explains the Rules of the Decision Game

A new trailer for Zero Time Dilemma has surfaced, and this time, we get introduced to the rules and dangers of the Decision Game. The nine participants will be forced to wear bracelets, which will inject an amnesia-inducing serum into their wrists after a certain amount of time, causing them to lose their memories of any events that occurred before. Players will be tossed into the story by choosing memory fragments and experience the story out of order, just like the nine participants who will be unable to make sense of their situation due to the serum.

The trailer also gives us another look at the fragment menus and the game’s overall flow chart, which looks a little larger than the flow chart we got in Virtue’s Last Reward – a great sign for those hoping for hours and hours of gameplay.

Zero Time Dilemma is set to be released for the PS Vita and 3DS on June 28, and on June 29 for PC via Steam in North America. It will also be the first game in the Zero Escape series to be released on PC.

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