Ubisoft is Sending Out Watch Dogs 2 Ray-Ban Glasses, Game Still Unannounced

Today over Twitter, popular Youtuber TheRadBrad shared a photo of a gift box received apparently from Ubisoft sporting the logo of the not-yet-announced Watch Dogs 2. From the photo we can determine that the gift box at least contains a pair of glasses with official Ray-Ban branding.

Early last month an unconfirmed leaked photo of what is possibly the game’s protagonist began circulating. The picture portrayed a very Watch Dogs-style woman sporting a flat brim hat, smart phone, pistol, and most interestingly…Ray-Ban-style glasses.

Assuming the gift box is real, this would seem to be a solid confirmation of Watch Dogs 2. With E3 around the corner in a few short weeks, it’s not unusual for gift boxes like this to be showing up in the hands of the press and Youtubers, though typically not weeks before the game in question would presumably be announced. Suffice to say, we can expect some news on Watch Dogs 2 in the coming weeks.

What do you think of this apparent leak on Ubisoft’s part? Let us know in the comments.


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