Xbox Showcases Tons of Indies, from Cuphead to Outlast 2


Indie games are coming to Xbox!

Microsoft’s E3 conference is in full swing and it looks like indie games have not been forgotten. Xbox is proud that many awesome looking indie games are coming to the Xbox One.

The video showed off many highly anticipated indie games including Cuphead, Outlast 2, Flint Hook, Far, Slime Rancher, Figment, The Culling, Beacon, Monomi Park, Stardew Valley, Shadow Tactics, For the King, Hands of Fate 2, and Raiders. Check out the video below:

Microsoft may be well known for its fantastic triple A games but it looks like it hasn’t forgotten how brilliant indie games can be. It looks like there’s something here for everyone, from the cute game Cuphead to the horrifying Outlast 2. No doubt many of these games will go on to join the likes of Limbo and Braid in terms of popularity.

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