Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – All House Upgrades, Benefits, and Costs

blood and wine

Upgrading your new home in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine can easily become a new obsession. While it isn’t super extensive, there are enough options here for you to consider as you start earning serious Crowns for your hard work in Toussaint. Knowing how to build up Corvo Bianco is only half the battle – you’ll need the capital to pull it off, and you’ll also need to know all of your options.

To help you out, here’s a list of all upgrades, their purpose, their prices, and how long they take to get (all times reflect in-game time, not real world time) so you can plan ahead to build your Witcher dream home:

  • Home: Renovation (5,000 Gold + 72 Hours) – This upgrade is needed to unlock other upgrades. It pretties everything up for you. You’ll now be able to decorate as well, and no more moldy walls in your bedroom.
  • Outside: Armorer’s Table (1,000 Gold + 24 Hours) – Allows you to add a buff to your Armor.
  • Outside: Grindstone (1,000 Gold + 24 Hours) – Allows you to add a buff to your Weapons.
  • Home: Bed (1,000 Gold + 24 Hours) – Better health boost from resting at house.
  • Home: Library (Comes With Hours) –  Better experience gain after resting at house.
  • Outside: Stable (2,000 Gold +48 Hours) – Roach gains increased stamina after resting at house.
  • Outside: Alchemy Chemistry Lab (Head to where you fought the Bruxae boss at beginning of DLC. Use Aard on Wall directly ahead after heading down stairs) – Extra Bomb and Potion charge.
  • Outside: Greenhouse (2,000 Gold + 48 Hours) – Grow your own alchemical plants.
  • Home: Guest Room (1,000 Gold + 48 Hours) – Allows you to have friends over.
  • Home: Weapon Racks (1,000 Gold  + 24 Hours) – Allows you to place more weapons on display in your home.
  • Home: Armor Stand (1000 Gold + 24 Hours) – Allows you to place more armor sets on display.

There you have it, every upgrade you can place on your home plus their bonuses. For more on The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, check out our wiki.

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