Watch Dogs 2 Says “Hello, World” with a Teaser Trailer, Full Reveal This Week

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Hack once again.

Ubisoft has slowly been teasing Watch Dogs 2 for a while now, and with E3 coming in two weeks, it’s beginning in full. First up on the list is a teaser trailer. While brief and lacking any real dialogue, we do get to see streams of data and what looks to be some mobile hacking done by our new, currently unnamed protagonist.

The original Watch Dogs starred Aiden Pearce, a hacker who retired from hacking before getting back in the game after his niece was killed. He wasn’t exactly well liked, and a motion capture actor has indicated that he won’t be back in the driver’s seat for the sequel. No clue who our new guy is, but here’s hoping he doesn’t wear a doofy hat like his predecessor.

Watch Dogs 2 will be revealed in full this Wednesday, so it’s not too long before we get some answers. We’re not entirely sure what we’ll be getting, but we’ve got some suggestions on what the game should have.

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