Valkyria Chronicles – How to Unlock All Orders

Give your army the edge in battle.

Orders are powerful abilities that you use during battle in Valkyria Chronicles that either boost your own units capabilities or hinder the enemy in some way. Each order has a certain Command Point (CP) cost to use.

There’s a couple of different ways that orders are obtained in the game. The first way is by awarding experience points to different unit types at the training field and ranking them up. The other way is by visiting the War Cemetery and giving the Aged Gentleman experience points to learn new orders.

The Aged Gentleman can teach you one order per chapter, but it happens randomly when you visit him in the War Cemetery and he can forget how to teach you when you visit. It’s a good idea to save your game at the start of each chapter, and reload if he forgets as many times as you need to in order to learn the order. Here’s a full list of the orders you can learn in Valkyria Chronicles, how they’re obtained and the CP cost associated with each one

  • Evade Boost: Raises one ally’s evasion-obtained when visiting the training field – 1 CP
  • All Units Evade: Raises all allies evasion -Get Scout to level 9 – 2 CP
  • Caution: Raises one ally’s resistance to interception fire – Get Scout to level 12 – 2 CP
  • Concentrate Fire: Raises one ally’s accuracy to focus shots on enemy  -Get Scout class to level 19 – 2 CP
  • Attack Boost: Raises one ally’s anti-personnel power – Get Shock Trooper to level 10 – 1 CP
  • All Units Attack: Raises all allies anti-personnel power – Get Shock Trooper to level 13 – 2 CO
  • Neutralize: Prevents one allies attack from being countered – Get Shock Trooper to level 13 – 1 CP
  • First Aid: Fully restore one ally’s HP – Get Shock Trooper to level 16 – 3 CP
  • Damage Boost: Raises one ally’s anti-tank attack power- Get Lancer to level 7 – 2 CP
  • Demolition Boost: Greatly raises one ally’s anti-tank attack power – Get Lancer to level 8 – 3 CP
  • Healing Boost: Increases the HP one ally can heal using Ragnaid – Get Lancer to level 8 – 1 CP
  • Resupply: Restock one ally’s ammunition – Get Lancer to level 19 – 1 CP
  • Defense Boost: Raises one ally’s defense – Get Engineer class to level 3 – 1 CP
  • All Units Defend: Raises all allies’ defense – Get Engineer to level 6 – 2 CP
  • Antidote: Remove one ally’s status ailments – Get Engineer to level 12 – 1 CP
  • Explosives Boost: Increase the damage done by hand grenades for one ally – Get Engineer to level 17 – 1 CP
  • Aim Boost: Raise one ally’s accuracy – Get Sniper to level 5 – 1 CP
  • All Units Aim: Raises all allies’ accuracy – Get Sniper to level 10 – 2 CP
  • Penetration: Makes one ally’s attacks ignore enemy defense – Get Sniper to level 15 – 2 CP
  • Attack Weak Spot: Make all of one ally’s attacks do critical damage – Get Sniper to level 19 – 3 CP
  • Retreat: Order one ally to retreat – Taught by Aged Gentleman – 1 CP
  • Medic Request: Evacuate one fallen ally – Taught by Aged Gentleman – 1 CP
  • Healing Request: Restores a set amount of one ally’s HP – Taught by Aged Gentleman – 1 CP
  • Sniper Support: Attacks one specified enemy soldier – Taught by Aged Gentleman – 2 CP
  • Heal All: Restores a set amount of all allies’ HP – Taught by Aged Gentleman – 2 CP
  • Awaken Potential: Makes potentials active much more often for one ally – Taught by Aged Gentleman – 2 CP
  • Recon Requests: Make all enemy units’ position visible – Taught by Aged Gentleman – 2 CP
  • Mortar Support: Attack the area around one selected enemy- Taught by Aged Gentleman- 3 CP
  • Awaken All:  All allies potentials activate much more often – Taught by Aged Gentleman – 3 CP
  • Artillery Support: Attack all enemy units – Taught by Aged Gentleman – 6 CP

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