Watch Trico From The Last Guardian Lose His Damn Mind on E3’s Showfloor

The Last Guardian has quite the presence at E3 this year, with a full-fledged interactive wall dedicated to the lovable abomination, Trico. Going up to him and patting his nose makes him sneeze cutely as well as bark playfully at you. You’re both buddies. You’re pals. Until, of course, you’re not. After a certain point, someone that works at the booth hands you an object to hold up and none of that shit matters anymore. Trico goes absolutely ballistic suddenly at the sight of a barrel, or a colorful shape. Observe.

Aw, teehee, he sneezed.

Last Guardian Trico Sneeze

Oh, what’s this?

Trico Last Guardian Insane

Oh. Hell. No.

giphy (2)

Trico is no longer a companion. He is a force that must be stopped, or at the very least kept away from any keg cellars.

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