Titanfall 2 Unveils New Ronin Mech, with a Triple Shotgun and Lightning Sword

A lightning sword, man.

Titanfall 2 is going to bring six new Titans to the war, and one of them has been unveiled. Here is the Ronin, the proud owner of that wicked sword we saw in the first trailer.

Besides the sword (which has an electrifying Arc Wave) , Ronin here has the Leawall, which looks like a tri-barreled shotgun and fires with the same kick as one (read: a lot). Next up is the Phase Dash, which is definitely handy in avoiding attacks from other Titans, and will be especially helpful in dodging rockets from Pilots. Finally, the sword can also be used in a block position to deflect attacks, and some can be redirected at whoever shot you. This is definitely going to be a Titan you won’t want to get up close with.

Titanfall 2 comes to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 28.

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