These Super Cute Undertale Figures Are Now Available for Preorder

If you’ve been hungering for some more Undertale merchandise to collect, Fangamer has you covered. The site announced the existence of these amiibo-like figures quite a few months ago, but they weren’t available for preorder just yet. However, Fangamer has just updated its product page, and you can now get your preorders in if you want to be among the first few to get your hands on this first series of collectible figures.

undertale figures

This set of Undertale figures features popular characters like Frisk, Toriel, Papyrus, Sans, and of course, Lesser Dog. You can get all five of these figures in a bundle for $70. If you don’t want all of them, you can also buy the figures individually at $15 each. Do note that the figures are only up for preorder, and Fangamer has stated that they are only expected to ship in late September.

“These injection-molded plastic UNDERTALE figurines were modeled by Gijs van Kooten. They range from 2.5 to 3.6 inches tall.”

Will you be picking up any of these figures Let us know in the comments down below.

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