The First EA Originals Game is Called FE, a Wordless Adventure About Nature

Today, as part of the company’s new EA Originals program, we saw the announcement of a game called FE, an adventure game without words, and is an exploration about a human’s relationship with nature. The game is meant to be a celebration of our longing to be a part of the world around us. You will play as a young cub, and without any direction from the game itself, you must awake and find your way in the world.

EA’s conference has already been a busy one, with the official unveiling of Titanfall 2’s multiplayer, a new single-player story component in the next FIFA game, and sneak peaks at the new Star Wars games the company is making alongside Lucasfilm, including Amy Hennig’s project and the third-person adventure game made by Respawn Entertainment.

Are you excited for FE and the company’s new EA Originals program? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to stay tuned into Twinfinite for more EA news, previews, and general coverage of E3 2016.


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