The Division Underground Expansion Celebrates its Launch With a New Trailer

Burn everything!

PS4 players won’t get to play The Division’s Underground expansion till a little later, but Xbox One and PC users will get to experience the new content today. Ubisoft has released a new, albeit rather last minute, launch trailer for the Underground expansion, showing off the new gear sets and the underground tunnel missions.

The new expansion will have Division agents going up against a new group of Cleaners who are attempting to cleanse New York City by overwhelming it with flames, fire, and brimstone. Because what better way to cleanse a city than by burning it to the ground? The expansion will also come with a new Incursion called Dragon’s Nest. Of course, the expansion will also bring in brand new weapons and outfits, so you can keep your agent looking fashionably sharp.

The Division will also be getting two other expansions which will be released later this year. PS4 players will be able to access the Underground expansion on August 2. Will you be picking this one up? Let us know in the comments down below.

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