Square Enix at E3 2016: What to Expect Them to Show

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While the main attractions of E3 will be the Sony and Microsoft press conferences, that’s not to say that the other publishers won’t be dropping some huge announcements of their own. Square Enix will return to E3 this year and has a lot of upcoming projects that it could potentially show. With many Final Fantasy titles either newly announced or soon to release, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll see your fair share of the popular JRPG series.

Square Enix, E3 2016

However, for those who’d like to see a little something other than Final Fantasy from Square Enix at E3, there’re a few titles to keep them happy, too. With all that said and done let’s check some of the things you can expect for Square Enix to show at E3 2016.

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