If the Overwatch Cast Got Eaten by an Army of Kirbies, It’d Look Like This

The understatement of the year might be that Overwatch is so hot right now. Part of what makes the game so fun and exciting is its diverse cast of characters. One fan of the game, Simon Chong, calls Overwatch “the Smash Bros of the 1st Person Shooter world,” and as such has re-imagined Nintendo’s pink fluff ball Kirby after having taken the powers of each character in the game. The resulting image is pretty outstanding.

You’ve got Tracer Kirby, with her iconic goggles and flippy hair; McCree Kirby, donning his cowboy hat and red cloak; Bastion Kirby, with a mecha headpiece and tiny bird companion; even Torbjörn Kirby, sporting his massive blond beard.

Let us know in the comments which Overwatch Kirby is your favorite, and whether or not you’d be keen to play as him if he wriggled his way into the team-based shooter. Personally I’d love to see him in every fighting game forever, but some dreams are never meant to be.

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