Overwatch Gets a Fan-Made Music Video Using Sound Bytes From the Game


Let’s drop the beat!

Everyone is loving the hell out of Blizzard’s Overwatch, and YouTube user haveluckgoodfun loves it so much that they made a music video for the game. That in and of itself is pretty cool, but what makes this one different is that the music is made up of sound effects and sound bytes from the game.

Oh sure, there’s the theme from the main menu playing in the background, plus the music from the Numbani multiplayer map’s loading screen in spots. But the beat is otherwise made up of the characters and their sound effects and it’s actually pretty damn cool. It definitely sounds like something Lucio would come up with, and also dance to.

The Overwatch fandom has made some pretty cool stuff, including interpretations of what the heroes do during their downtime, not to mention all the great cosplay they’ve managed to make. These guys definitely don’t sleep at all when it comes to making new stuff.

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